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Babin Lee

Beginning Ajax with PHP. From novice to professional

Beginning Ajax with PHP. From novice to professional Оценка: 3.7 (760)
Жанр: компьютерная литература
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Beginning Ajax with PHP: From Novice to Professional is the first book to introduce how these two popular technologies can work together to create next-generation applications. Author Lee Babin covers what you commonly encounter in daily web application development tasks, and shows you how to build PHP|AJAX-enabled solutions for forms validation, file upload monitoring, database-driven information display and manipulation, web services, Google Maps integration, and more. Youll learn how to

* Take advantage of PHP and advanced JavaScript capabilities to create next-generation, highly responsive Web applications.
* Enhance commonplace application tasks such as forms validation and tabular data display.
* Manage cross-browser issues, ensuring your applications run on all major Web browsers.
* Take advantage of the Google Maps API and add spatial mapping features to your website.

Youll also be introduced to other key topics like conquering cross-platform issues, countering potential security holes, and testing and debugging JavaScript with efficiency. All examples are based on real-world scenarios, so youll be able to apply what you learn to your own development situations.
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