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Harrison Harry

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted Оценка: 4.7 (6)
Serie: Stainless Steel Rat
Genre: fantasy
In a galaxy where civilization covers every world with steel and ferroconcrete, only a very special man can break all the rules and still stay free. A man who moves through the rafters of society like a rat. A Stainless Steel Rat & And when the galaxy goes to war, it needs special men. That s when The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted. The 25th century s most dangerous outlaw is back and this time it means war! Slippery Jim diGriz, better known as the Stainless Steel Rat, is seeking revenge for the murder of his mentor-in-crime, the fabled archcriminal known as The Bishop. His trail leads to Nevenkebla and the iron-fisted dictator General Zennor the kind of man who d sell his own mother into slavery just to see the expression on her face. Now in the uniform of a Nevenkeblan soldier, Jim discovers Zennor s vile plan to enslave a defenseless planet. Only a man with a Special code of honor only a Stainless Steel Rat can save the world from the invading horde.
Сборники: Классика фэнтези и НФ in English

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  1. Harry Harrison The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 2
  4. Chapter 5
  5. Chapter 4
  6. Chapter 5
  7. Chapter 6
  8. Chapter 7
  9. Chapter 8
  10. Chapter 9
  11. Chapter 10
  12. Chapter 11
  13. Chapter 12
  14. Chapter 15
  15. Chapter 14
  16. Chapter 15
  17. Chapter 16
  18. Chapter 17
  19. Chapter 18
  20. Chapter 19
  21. Chapter 20
  22. Chapter 21
  23. Chapter 22
  24. Chapter 23
  25. Chapter 25
  26. Chapter 26
  27. Chapter 27
  28. Chapter 28
  29. Chapter 29
  30. Chapter 30

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