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O'Reilly: DNS and BIND, 4th Edition

Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Serie: The Networking CD Bookshelf Version 2
Genre: computers
You may not know much about the Domain Name System -- yet -- but whenever you use the Internet, you use DNS. Every time you send electronic mail or surf the World Wide Web, you rely on the Domain Name System.

You see, while you, as a human being, prefer to remember the names of computers, computers like to address each other by number. On an internet, that number is 32 bits long, or between zero and four billion or so.[1] That's easy for a computer to remember because computers have lots of memory ideal for storing numbers, but it isn't nearly as easy for us humans. Pick 10 phone numbers out of the phone book at random and then try to remember them. Not easy? Now flip to the front of the phone book and attach random area codes to the phone numbers. That's about how difficult it would be to remember 10 arbitrary internet addresses.

The fourth edition of this book deals with the new 9.1.0 and 8.2.3 versions of BIND as well as the older 4.9 versions. While 9.1.0 and 8.2.3 are the most recent versions as of this writing, they haven't made their way into many vendors' versions of Unix yet, partly because both versions have only recently been released and many vendors are wary of using such new software. We also occasionally mention other versions of BIND, especially 4.8.3, because many vendors continue to ship code based on this older software as part of their Unix products. Whenever a feature is available only in the 4.9, 8.2.3, or 9.1.0 version, or when there is a difference in the behavior of the versions, we try to point out which version does what.
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