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Applegate Katherine

The Resistance

The Resistance Serie: Animorphs
Genre: fantasy
A free Hork-Bajir is captured by the Yeerks and involuntarily reveals the location of the Hork-Bajir valley. Jake and the other animorphs head to the colony to warn the Hork-Bajir. Jake thinks it would be best to abandon the valley and flee, but the Hork-Bajir, led by Toby Hamee, insist that they want to stay and fight. As a part of the battle strategy, the Animorphs (most of them) morph beavers to make a dam to flush the Yeerks out of the valley. Jake and Tobias spot a group of campers who would be likely be innocent victims of the fighting and approach them to try and convince them to leave. They don't buy Jake's lame story and Jake decides that he must show them the truth and he and Tobias both morph in front of them. It turns out that the campers are Star Trek fans and (believing the Animorphs to be actual aliens) insist on helping the Animorphs. They assist Marco's parents (who now live in the valley) and the free Hork-Bajir in an assembly line of creating spears and other weapons.
Year: 2000 г.
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