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Applegate Katherine

The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice Serie: Animorphs
Genre: fantasy
After Rachel, Ax and James take a reconnaissance flight, they note that there is abundant activity; the Yeerks seem to be driving people into the subways. There Ax also discovered that some Yeerks yearn freedom. After a swift but brutal investigation, they relay their report to the others: the subway tunnels have been rerouted to the Yeerk Pool to provide mass infestation. The group immediately rally and develop a plan, but it is a risky one, in which the Yeerk Pool is to be destroyed for good. Ax, however, is torn. Cassie reveals that it was she who allowed the blue box to be taken, and Ax now nurses a hatred born of betrayal for her; for her and for the others for just forgiving her and acting 'childishly'. Using a new Raccoon morph, he leaves the camp without being noticed to communicate with the Andalite High Command in secret. They inform him not to destroy the Yeerk Pool, as they wish the bulk of the Yeerk Empire to land on Earth, so the Andalites can then 'quarantine' the planet; meaning that what they really plan to do is to destroy the whole Earth. But Ax eventually disobeys them, allowing the Animorph plan to go ahead. Using the free Hork-Bajir, their parents and the auxiliary Animorphs infiltrate a National Guard depot where the bombs are held. In there they speak with the captain and convince him to help them. In this only-one-shot plan, the group takes 3 trucks full of bombs to one isolated train station stages and attack the on-guard morphing-capable Yeerk soldiers. During the attack Ax realizes he does not truly hate Cassie. Without revealing his communication with the Andalite High Command, Ax, with Cassie and Marco in tow, takes a train loaded with several high-powered explosives into the pool itself. Visser One attempts to halt the plan, but only too late. With only a few minutes to spare, the trio warn everyone, friend and foe, of the impending danger, and a mad rush for the exit ensues as the Yeerk Pool explodes.
Year: 2001 г.
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