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MacLeod Ken

Learning the World

Learning the World Genre: heroic
A four hundred year journey through space is about to end for the teeming inhabitants of a large ship-world. The air is thick with expectation as they enter the system that is to become their new home, the probes reporting nothing more advanced than bacteria and algae among the clustered planets. But the original data was wrong, and direct scans of the planet reveal a whole alien civilisation. Maybe the aliens have just arrived. Maybe evolution has been incredibly rapid during their long journey Neither of these explanations seem plausible. It seems likely that the probe data has been falsified from the beginning. Advice is years distant, help is decades away. Theyre on their own and theyll have to decide a plan of action fast as the rest of humanity is just as vulnerable and not much further away.

Won Prometheus Award in 2006.
Nominated for BSFA Award in 2005.
Nominated for Hugo, Locus, and Campbell awards in 2006.
Year: 2005 .
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  1. Learning the World by Ken MacLeod
  2. A Note on Translation
  4. 1 The Ship Generation
  5. Learning the World
  6. Sunliner But the Sky, My Lady! The Sky!
  7. Forged this day 6 February 10 358 AG.
  8. 2 Aeronautical Research
  9. 3 Spectral Lines
  10. 4 A Moving Point of Light
  11. 5 Fast Probes
  12. 6 The Queen of Heavens Daughters
  13. 7 Television
  14. 8 Security Concerns
  15. 9 Red Sun Circle
  16. 10 Above Top Secret
  17. 11 Alien Space Bats
  18. 12 View from a Height
  19. 13 Contact Clause
  20. 14 The Extraordinary and Remarkable Ship
  21. 15 Hollow Spaces of the Forward Cone
  22. Learning the World in exile # 100
  23. 16 The Anomalies Room
  24. 17 Pies in the Sky
  25. 18 Sabreur
  26. 19 A Full and Frank Exchange of Views
  27. 20 Second Contact
  28. 21 But the Sky, My Lady! The Sky!
  29. Learning the World
  30. We teach that the soul is immortal;
  31. we teach that there is a future life;
  32. we teach that there is a Heaven in the ages far away;
  33. but not for us

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