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Morris Desmond

The naked eye

Genre: prose, animals
Here is another delightful book by a keen observer of animals (human and other) and a prolific author of some 35 books, including the groundbreaking The Naked Ape and the best-selling The Human Zoo. This collection of well-written essays recounts Morris's 30 years of travel 'in search of the human species' to some 60 countries, including such places as Malta, Gibraltar, Japan, Bombay, and French Polynesia, as well as his 92-day cruise around the world. Although Morris's travels are in many ways related to his study of human and animal behavior, the renowned natural historian claims no monopoly on interpretation, summing it up best when he cautions the reader not to fall for 'that propaganda about requiring advanced technical skills in order to be able to unravel the mysteries of the universe....It is amazing how much is sitting out there, just waiting to be discovered, simply by using the naked eye.' This witty account is recommended for all public and academic libraries. Lee Arnold, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
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