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Robinson Peter

Cold Is The Grave

Cold Is The Grave Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: detective
The nude photo of a teenage runaway shows up on a pornographic website, and the girl s father turns to Detective Chief Inspector Alan banks for help. But these are typical circumstances, for the runaway is the daughter of a man who s determined to destroy the dedicated Yorkshire policeman s career and good name. Still it is a case that strikes painfully home, one that Banks a father himself dares not ignore as he follows its squalid trail into teeming London, and into a world of drugs, sex, and crime. But murder follows soon after gruesome, sensational, and, more than once pulling Banks in a direction that he dearly does not wish to go: into the past and private world of his most powerful enemy, Chief Constable Jimmy Riddle.

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  1. Peter Robinson Cold Is The Grave
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