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Baxter Stephen

Phase Space

Phase Space Оценка: 1.5 (2)
Genre: fantasy
Collection of linked stories which encompass the myriad possibilities that might govern our relationship with the universe: are we truly alone, or will we eventually meet other lifeforms? Perhaps intelligent species decide to turn their back on the stars, or maybe expansionist species are destined to fail.
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  1. Stephen Baxter Phase Space
  2. Prologue
  3. Dreams (I)
  4. Moon-Calf
  5. Earths
  6. Open Loops
  7. Glass Earth, Inc
  8. Poyekhali 3201
  9. Dante Dreams
  10. War Birds
  11. Worlds
  12. Sun-Drenched
  13. Martian Autumn
  14. Sun God
  15. Sun-Cloud
  16. Manifold
  17. Sheena 5
  18. The Fubar Suit
  19. Grey Earth
  20. Huddle
  21. Paradox
  22. Refugium
  23. Lost Continent
  24. Tracks
  25. Lines of Longitude
  26. Barrier
  27. Marginalia
  28. The We Who Sing
  29. The Gravity Mine
  30. Spindrift
  31. Touching Centauri
  32. Dreams (II)
  33. The Twelfth Album
  34. Afterword
  35. Acknowledgements

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