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Abbott Amanda

What Caroline Wants

Serie: Pushing the Boundaries
Genre: love, erotic
Caroline and Jason Stratton have always been hot for each other. Married right out of college, theyve had a great sex life. But when they discover that their best friends and neighbors, Piper and Michael Collins, have experimented with a few extracurricular adventures during their ten year marriage, Caroline and Jaces sexual world is rocked.The Strattons quickly find that inviting others into their bedroom might be something they want to explore. But getting Caroline to reconcile her Southern guilt is another matter altogether. So they decide to take it deliciously slow, exploring every avenue.Their adventures leads them to Emma and Pete, and after a fun, sexy dinner date out, and an incredibly hot car ride home, theyre in. But once they decide to scale that mountain, all bets are off. In the end, Caroline must make a decisionand its one shell have to live with forever.

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