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More Fool Me

More Fool Me Genre: biography
Stephen Fry is a leading light in film, theatre, radio and television the world over, receiving accolades in spades and plaudits by the shovel. As a writer, producer, director, actor and presenter he has featured in works as varied and adored as the movie Wilde, the TV series Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster, the sketch show A Bit of Fry and Laurie, the panel game QI, the radio series Frys English Delight, Shakespeares Globes celebrated 2012 production of Twelfth Night (as Malvolio) and documentaries on countless subjects very close to his heart.He is also the bestselling author of four novels The Stars Tennis Balls, Making History, The Hippopotamus (the writing of which is described herein) and The Liar as well as two volumes of autobiography Moab is My Washpot and The Fry Chronicles, publishing in five unique editions, which combined to sell over a million copies.In his early thirties, Stephen Fry writer, comedian, star of stage and screen had, as they say, made it. Much loved in A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder and feeves and Wooster, author of a critically acclaimed and bestselling first novel, The Liar, with a glamorous and glittering cast of friends, he had more work than was perhaps good for him.What could possibly go wrong?Well, as the 80s drew to a close, he discovered a most enjoyable way to burn the candle at both ends, and took to excess like a duck to breadcrumbs. Writing and recording by day, haunting a never-ending series of celebrity parties, drinking dens and poker games by night, in a ludicrous and impressive act of bravado, he fooled all those except the very closest to him, some of whom were most enjoyably engaged in the same dance.He was, to all intents and purposes, a high-functioning addict. Blazing brightly and partying wildly as the 80s turned to the 90s AIDS became an epidemic and politics turned really nasty he was so busy, so distracted by the high life, that he could hardly see the inevitable, headlong tumble that must surely followContaining raw, electric extracts from his diaries of the time, More Fool Me is a brilliant, eloquent account by a man driven to create and to entertain revealing a side to him he has long kept hidden.
Year: 2014 .

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