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Mistry Rohinton

Tales From Firozsha Baag

Tales From Firozsha Baag Genre: prose
An introduction to the residents of Firozsha Baag, an apartment complex in Bombay. We enter the daily routine and rhythm of their lives, and by the time we reach the final story we are as familiar with the people as we are with our own neighbours. The crowded, throbbing life of India is brilliantly captured in this series of stories.
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  1. Rohinton Mistry Tales From Firozsha Baag
  2. Auspicious Occasion
  3. One Sunday
  4. The Ghost of Firozsha Baag
  5. Condolence Visit
  6. The Collectors
  7. Of White Hairs and Cricket
  8. The Paying Guests
  9. Squatter
  10. Lend Me Your Light
  11. Exercisers
  12. Swimming Lessons
  13. About the Author

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