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Haldeman Joe


Genre: fantasy
**By the author of *The Forever War* : In the near future, an idealistic young student visiting Earth from an orbiting colony becomes ensnared in radical politics and a dark conspiracy of violent destruction**
By the close of the twenty-first century, almost half a million souls have already abandoned Earth to live in satellites orbiting the strife-ridden planet. Each of these forty-one Worlds is an independent entity boasting its own government and culture, yet each remains bound to the troubled home World by economic pressure.
A brilliant student of political science born and raised in New New York, the largest of the orbiting Worlds, young Marianne O'Hara has never been to the surface but now has a golden opportunity to continue her studies far below her floating home of steel. Life on Earth, however, is very different from anything she has ever experienced.
With power in the hands of a privileged few and unrest running rampant, the...
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