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Cooper Mark E.

What Price Honour

Serie: Merkiaari Wars
Genre: action, fantasy, space fantasy
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## Under attack, she'll stop at nothing to keep her crew alive.
Nanotechnology was all that sustained humanity in their brutal war against the Merkiaari. The consequence was the creation of vipers, a regiment of cyborg super soldiers tasked with protecting the Alliance against the Merkiaari's murderous alien invasion. When Gunnary Sergeant Gina Fuentez finds one of the fabled viper cyborgs in a terrorist camp during a mission, her squad comes under attack.
Two members of her squad are dead, and she'll face the same fate if she can't escape the ensuing firefight.
*What Price Honour* is the second book in a military science fiction series, a space opera of space exploration and alien invasion.
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Reading Order:
1\. Hard Duty
2\. What Price Honour
3\. Operation Oracle
4\. Operation Breakout
5\. Incursion
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