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Cooper Mark E.

Operation Oracle

Serie: Merkiaari Wars
Genre: action, fantasy, space fantasy
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## Burgton will preserve mankind, even if he has to break every single law to do it.
General Burgton's self-imposed mission is to safeguard the Alliance from future alien invasion and murderous Merkiaari attacks. As the black missions Burgton authorizes begin to fail, he spends trillions of dollars on a forbidden solution: artificial intelligence.
When the project collapses, Burgton compounds his crime. If he can't build an A.I., he'll just have to steal one!
*Operation Oracle* is the third book in the Merkiaari Wars, a military science fiction space opera about the consequences of space exploration in the far future. Alien invasion is only the first of many consequences that pose the question: What is human?
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Reading Order:
1\. Hard Duty
2\. What Price Honour
3\. Operation Oracle
4\. Operation Breakout
5\. Incursion
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