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Aldiss Brian

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Serie: Squire Quartet
Genre: fantasy
The third book in the Squire Quartet, available for the first time as an ebook. Russian born Dominic is one of the success stories of the eighties, when yuppies made fortunes on the stock market . Ray Tebbutt is among the unlucky ones. He was involved in a bankruptcy in the mid-eighties . Peter Petrik, a dissident Czech film director, lives in Prague, dreaming of making more films when times improve . The lifelines of these people and others -- comic and sad by turns in true Aldiss fashion -- converge towards the finality of an IRA bomb epuisode in Great Yarmouth.
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  1. Epigraph
  2. Introduction
  3. 1 A Visionary
  4. Spring 1990
  5. 2 Displaced
  6. Midsummer 1986
  7. 3 Despatched
  8. Late spring 1986
  9. 4 Adopted
  10. Autumn 1981
  11. 5 Accepted
  12. Midsummer 1986
  13. 6 Salvation
  14. Winter 1991

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