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Aldiss Brian

Somewhere East of Life

Somewhere East of Life Serie: Squire Quartet
Genre: fantasy
Winner of two Hugo Awards, one Nebula Award, and named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America, Brian W. Aldiss has, for over fifty years, continued to challenge readers' minds with literate, thought-provoking, and inventive science fiction. Now, E-Reads is proud to make available in eBook format the classic works of Aldiss.
Now with a New Introduction by the Author!
Book Four of the Squire Quartet.
Architectural historian Roy Burnell has been tasked with traveling the globe and listing architectural gems in danger of being destroyed. But when Burnell is in Budapest, ten years of his memory, mostly his architectural knowledge and sexual experiences, is stolen. In this near-future, thieves using EMV ('e-mnemonicvision') sell memories on the black market. In the wake of this event, Burnell tries to resume his life, while also searching for the 'bullet' that will restore his memory.
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  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction to the E-Reads Edition
  3. The Squire Quartet Summary
  4. 1 Friends in Sly Places
  5. 2 Murder in a Cathedral
  6. 3 Bishops Linctus
  7. 4 FOAM
  8. 5 Some Expensive Bullets
  9. 6 Soss City
  10. 7 “The Dead One”
  11. 8 Looking for a Postcard
  12. 9 A Head Among the Throng
  13. 10 “Time Had Run Out”
  14. 11 “The Madonna of Futurity”
  15. 12 A Crowded Stage
  16. 13 Richard and Blanche
  17. 14 In the Korean Fast Foot
  18. 15 Makhtumkuli Day
  19. 16 Burnell Speaks!
  20. 17 Glimpse of Airing Cupboard
  21. 18 The Friendship Bridge
  22. 19 A Toe and a Tow
  23. 20 PRICC Strikes
  24. 21 Subterfuge
  25. 22 A Brief Discourse on Justice
  26. 23 To the Krasnorodsk Station
  27. 24 Singing in the Train
  28. 25 Snow in the Desert
  29. 26 The Executioner
  30. 27 Squire Ad Libs
  31. 28 Open to the Public
  32. 29 Newcastle

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