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Aldiss Brian

Brothers of the Head

Brothers of the Head Genre: fantasy
Sci-fi legend Brian Aldiss’ dark and compelling story of Siamese twin boys with a third dormant head. Tom and Barry are Siamese twins with a third head growing out of Barry’s shoulder. They are plucked from their deprived home by showbiz entrepreneurs and form a rock band, The Bang Bang. But the twins have a violent relationship and jealousies arise over their shared lover. Can a band split up when the singers are permanently joined together?
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  1. Introduction
  2. Foreword by Roberta Howe
  3. 1 Henry Couling ’s narrative
  4. 2 Laura Ashworth ’s report
  5. 3 Excerpt from taped interview with Nickolas Sidney
  6. 4 Zak Bedderwick ’s narrative
  7. 5 Continuation by Roberta Howe
  8. 6 Statement by Dr Alyson Collins
  9. 7 Conclusion by Roberta Howe
  10. Appendix
  11. Big Lover
  12. Love is a Forest
  13. Bacterial Action
  14. Star-Time
  15. Just for a Moment
  16. I was Never Deaf or Blind to Her Music
  17. About the Author

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