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Aldiss Brian

Frankenstein Unbound

Frankenstein Unbound Genre: fantasy horrors
Brian W. Aldiss is one of the greatest science fiction writes of our day. Now he has broken away from his traditional style to produce a stunning blend of horror, excitement, suspense and love, throwing a unique, contemporary slant on the great gothic tradition.
When Joe Bodenland is suddenly transported back in time to the year 1816, his first reaction is of eager curiosity rather than distress. Certainly the Switzerland in which he finds himself, with its charming country inns, breathtaking landscapes and gentle, unmechanized pace of life, is infinitely preferable to the America of 2020 where the games of politicians threaten total annihilation. But after meeting the brooding young Victor Frankenstein, Joe realized that this world is more complex than the one he lift behind. Is Frankenstein real, or are both Joe and he living out fictional lives? And if he is caught inside the gothic drama, how is it that he meets Frankenstein's creator, the slim, enchanting Mary Shelley, whose book lies half written, gathering dust in the attic of the villa on the shores of Lake Geneva.
Curiosity and a half-forgotten sense of history lead Joe to the villa, where he is eventually welcomed by Lord Byron—even more devastating than his legend—and delicate Percy Shelley, who has taken refuge with Byron and his mistress. But it is with Mary, Shelley's future wife, that Joe's destiny lies, and somehow also with Frankenstein. For even while Mary and Joe enjoy their idyll, Frankenstein wreaks havoc in the town of Geneva with his nameless monster built from corpses. Joe, caught between the romantic trio by the lake and the nightmare couple, cannot decide whether he has been sent as Mary's muse or Frankenstein's conscience, but with the grim climax in the frozen wastes of time he finally understands and fulfills his mission.
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  2. I
  3. II
  4. III
  5. IV
  6. V
  7. PART TWO The Tape Journal of Joseph Bodenland
  8. I
  9. II
  10. III
  11. IV
  12. V
  13. VI
  14. VII
  15. VIII
  16. IX
  17. X
  18. XI
  19. XII
  20. XIII
  21. XIV
  22. XV
  23. XVI
  24. XVII
  25. XVIII
  26. XIX
  27. XX
  28. XXI
  29. XXII
  30. XXIII
  31. XXIV
  32. XXV
  33. XXVI
  34. XXVII

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