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Aldiss Brian

The Malacia Tapestry

The Malacia Tapestry Genre: heroic
In the timeless city of Malacia, a place swathed in magic and on the brink of war, lives a young man named Perian de Chirolo – a free-spirit, a fearless lover – who embarks on a harrowing odyssey with dramatic consequences for himself and all Malacians. This is a gripping tale of wonder, lust and destiny.
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  1. Book One
  2. Mountebanks in an Urban Landscape
  3. A Balloon over the Bucintoro
  4. Book Two
  5. A Feast Unearned
  6. Woman with Mandoline in Sunlight
  7. A Young Soldier\s Horoscope
  8. The Ancestral Hunt
  9. Book Three
  10. Castle Interior with Penitents
  11. Wedding Cups and Naked Guests

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