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Drexler Eric

Engines of Creation - The Coming Era of Nanotechnology

Genre: science
K. Eric Drexler's Engines of Creation is an enormously original book about the consequences of new technologies. It is ambitious and imaginative and, best of all, the thinking is technically sound.
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  1. L\av `enement des nanotechnologies Vuibert, Paris, 2005 Introduction by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent Translation by Marc Mac
  2. L ’era prossima della nanotecnologia Naples, 2003 Translation by Vincenzo Battista МАШИНЫ СОЗДАНИЯ
  3. Грядущая эра нанотехнологии    St. Petersburg, 2000 Translation by Mikhail Korsanov
  4. El surgimiento de las m \aquinas de creaci\on Gedisa Editorial, Barcelona, 1993 Translation by Jos \e Angel Alvarez

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