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Watts Peter


Maelstrom Оценка: 2.6 (5)
Serie: Rifters
Genre: fantasy
An enormous tidal wave on the West Coast of North America has just killed thousands. Lenie Clarke, in a black wetsuit, walks out of the ocean onto a Pacific Northwest beach filled with the oppressed and drugged homeless of the Asian world who have gotten only this far in their attempt to reach America. Is she a monster or a goddess? One thing is for sure: all hell is breaking loose. This dark, fast-paced, hard SF novel returns to the story begun in Starfish: all human life is threatened by a disease (actually a primeval form of life) from the distant prehuman past. It survived only in the deep ocean rift where Clarke and her companions were stationed before the corporation that employed them tried to sterilize the threat with a secret underwater nuclear strike. But Clarke was far enough away that she was able to survive and tough enough to walk home, three hundred miles across the ocean floor. She arrives carrying with her the potential death of the human race, and possessed by a desire for revenge.

Maelstrom is a terrifying explosion of cyberpunk noir by a writer whose narrative, says Robert Sheckley, 'drives like a futuristic locomotive.'

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  1. Maelstrom The Rifters series, book 2 Peter Watts
  2. Prelude: Messiah
  3. Volvox
  4. Mermaid
  5. Fables of the Reconstruction,
  6. Deathbed
  7. 94 Megabytes: Breeder
  8. Cascade
  9. Backflash
  10. Maps and Legends
  11. Corpse
  12. Bang
  13. Stickman
  14. An Invitation to Dance
  15. Pixelpal
  16. Third-person Limited
  17. Remora
  18. Firebug
  19. Afterburn
  20. Stockpile
  21. Icarus
  22. Jailbreak
  23. The Next Best Thing
  24. Beachhead
  25. Drugstore
  26. Source Code
  27. Groundswell
  28. 128 Megabytes: Hitchhiker
  29. Animal Control
  30. Ghost
  31. Blip
  32. Womb
  33. Eclipse
  34. Monster
  35. Warhorse
  36. Physalia
  37. Zeus
  38. Jiminy Cricket
  39. Footprints
  40. An Archetype of Dislocation
  41. 400 Megabytes: Punctuated Equilibrium
  42. Microstar
  43. Matchmaker
  44. Heat Death
  45. Blind Date
  46. Necrosis
  47. Snare
  48. Complicity
  49. Vision Quest
  50. The Algebra of Guilt
  51. Starfucker
  52. Mask
  53. Scalpel
  54. By a Thousand Cuts
  55. 500 Megabytes: The Generals
  56. Sparkler
  57. Decoys
  58. Crucifixion, with Spiders
  59. Anthopleura
  60. Mug Shot
  61. Anemone
  62. Behind the Lines
  63. Spartacus
  64. TursiPops
  65. Terrarium
  66. Soul Mate
  67. AWOL
  68. Scheherezade
  69. Adaptive Shatter
  70. A Niche
  71. Epilog: Sleeping by firelight
  72. Acknowledgements
  73. Notes and References
  74. Guilt Trip:
  75. Anemone/Maelstrom
  76. Smart Gels
  77. Ganzfeld Interrogation
  78. Haunted by Happiness
  79. Finally …
  80. Notes

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