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Watts Peter


Behemoth Serie: Rifters
Genre: fantasy
Lenie Clarke-amphibious cyborg, Meltdown Madonna, agent of the Apocalypse-has grown sick to death of her own cowardice.

For five years (since the events recounted in Maelstrom0, she and her bionic brethren (modified to work in the rift valleys of the ocean floor) have hidden in the mountains of the deep Atlantic. The facility they commandeered was more than a secret station on the ocean floor. Atlantis was an exit strategy for the corporate elite, a place where the world`s Movers and Shakers had hidden from the doomsday microbe ehemoth-and from the hordes of the moved and the shaken left behind. For five years 'rifters' and 'corpses' have lived in a state of uneasy truce, united by fear of the outside world.

But now that world closes in. An unknown enemy hunts them through the crushing darkness of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. ehemoth- twisted, mutated, more virulent than ever-has found them already. The fragile armistice between the rifters and their one-time masters has exploded into all-out war, and not even the legendary Lenie Clarke can take back the body count.

Billions have died since she loosed ehemoth upon the world. Billions more are bound to. The whole biosphere came apart at the seams while Lenie Clarke hid at the bottom of the sea and did nothing. But now there is no place left to hide. The consequences of past acts reach inexorably to the very floor of the world, and Lenie Clarke must return to confront the mess she made.

Redemption doesn`t come easy with the blood of a world on your hands. But even after five years in pitch-black purgatory, Lenie Clarke is still Lenie Clarke. There will be consequences for anyone who gets in her way-and worse ones, perhaps, if she succeeds...
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  1. Authors Note
  2. Prelude: lawbreaker
  3. Counterstrike
  4. The Shiva Iterations
  5. Outgroup
  6. Huddle
  7. Zombie
  8. Portrait of the Sadist as a Young Boy
  9. Confidence Limits
  10. Cavalry
  11. Nemesis
  12. Portrait of the Sadist as an Adolescent
  13. Bedside Manor
  14. Boilerplate
  15. Portrait of the Sadist as a Young Man
  16. Fire Drill
  17. Family Values
  18. Portrait of the Sadist as a Free Man
  19. Confessional
  20. Conscript
  21. Portrait of the Sadist as a Team Player
  22. Automechanica
  23. Gravediggers
  24. Striptease
  25. Frontier
  26. Groundwork
  27. Harpodon
  28. The Bloodhound Iterations
  29. Without Sin
  30. Baptism
  31. Tag
  32. Fulcrum
  33. Incoming
  34. Seppuku
  35. Dune
  36. Nightingale
  37. Condom
  38. Gehenna
  39. The Trigonometry of Salvation
  40. Migration
  41. Karma
  42. DisArmor
  43. Stargazer
  44. Sleeper
  45. Parsimony
  46. Corral
  47. Turncoat
  48. Crash
  49. The Skill of the Chase
  50. Remedial Ed
  51. Decirculate
  52. Paranoid
  53. Matryoska
  54. Basement Wiring
  55. Splice
  56. The Hamilton Iterations
  57. Toggle
  58. Fleas
  59. Firebreathers
  60. In Kind
  61. Expiration Date
  62. Bastille
  63. Empath
  64. Epilog: Singular Hessian
  65. Acknowledgements
  66. Notes and references
  67. Atlantis: There Goes the Neighborhood
  68. Seppuku
  69. The Chemistry of Character
  70. Here, the Maelstrom just moved outside …
  71. Electronic Wildlife & Digital Evolution
  72. Predicting the Past:
  73. Notes

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