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Munro Alice

Too Much Happiness

Too Much Happiness Оценка: 3.8 (31)
Genre: prose
Amazon Best Books of the Month, November 2009: 'She hated to hear the word `escape` used about fiction. She might have argued, not just playfully, that it was real life that was the escape. But this was too important to argue about.' Taken from a story called 'Free Radicals,' this line may be the best way to think about the lives unfolding in Alice Munro`s Too Much Happiness. Real life assaults her central characters rather brutally-in the forms of murder and madness, death, divorce, and all manner of deceptions-but they respond with a poise and clarity of thought that`s disarming-sometimes, even nonchalant-when you consider their circumstances. Her women move through life, wearing their scars but not so much wearied by them, profoundly intelligent, but also inordinately tender and thoughtful. There`s more fact than fiction to these stories, rich in quiet, precise details that make for a beautiful, bewildering read.
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  1. Alice Munro Too Much Happiness
  2. Dimensions
  3. Fiction
  4. I
  5. II
  6. Wenlock Edge
  7. Deep-Holes
  8. Free Radicals
  9. Face
  10. Some Women
  11. Child ’s Play
  12. Wood
  13. Too Much Happiness
  14. I
  15. II
  16. III
  17. IV
  18. V
  19. Acknowledgments

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Enchanting fiction. Mysterious as life itself.

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Средний рейтинг 3.8 из 5

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