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Ellison Harlan

Paingod and Other Delusions

Genre: fantasy
Robert Heinlein says, This book is raw corn liquor. You should serve a whiskbroom with each shot so the customer can brush the sawdust off after he gets up from the floor.  Perhaps a mooring cable might also be added as necessary equipment for reading these eight wonderful stories: They not only knock you down they raise you to the stars. Passion is the keynote as you encounter the Harlequin and his nemesis, the dreaded Tictockman, in one of the most reprinted and widely taught stories in the English language; a pyretic who creates fire merely by willing it; the last surgeon in a world of robot physicians; a spaceship filled with hideous mutants rejected by the world that gave them birth. Touching and gentle and shocking stories from an incomparable master of impossible dreams and troubling truths.

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  1. Harlan Ellison Paingod and Other Delusions
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. New Introduction
  4. Your Basic Crown of Thorns
  5. Introduction to First Edition
  6. Spero Meliora: From the Vicinity of Alienation
  7. Short stories
  8. Paingod
  9. “Repent, Harlequin!” said the Ticktockman
  10. The Crackpots
  11. Sleeping Dogs
  12. Bright Eyes
  13. The Discarded
  14. Wanted in Surgery
  15. Chapter one
  16. Chapter two
  17. Chapter three
  18. Chapter four
  19. Chapter five
  20. Chapter six
  21. Chapter seven
  22. Deeper than the Darkness

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