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Ellison Harlan

Spider Kiss

Оценка: 1.0 (1)
Genre: fantasy
He claims he s not a fan of rock-and-roll, but somehow Harlan Ellison s seminal novel based on the career of Jerry Lee Lewis ended up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of the first and still one of the best dissections of the wildly destructive rock-and-roll lifestyle, Spider Kiss isn t about giant cockroaches that attack Detroit or space invaders that smell like chicken soup. Instead, it s the story of Luther Sellers, a poor kid from Louisville with a voice like an angel who s renamed Stag Preston by a ruthless promoter. Preston s meteoric rise on the music scene is matched only by the rise in his enormous appetites and not just for home cooking and soon the invisible monkey named Success is riding him straight to hell. This raucous early novel reinforces Ellison s reputation as one of America s most dynamic writers.
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  1. Harlan Ellison Spider Kiss
  2. Author ’s Note
  3. One
  4. Two
  5. Three
  6. Four
  7. Five
  8. Six
  9. Seven
  10. Eight
  11. Nine
  12. Ten
  13. Eleven
  14. Twelve
  15. Thirteen
  16. Fourteen
  17. Fifteen
  18. Sixteen
  19. Seventeen
  20. Eighteen
  21. Nineteen
  22. Twenty
  23. Twenty and One

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