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Robinson Kim

The Years of Rice and Salt

The Years of Rice and Salt Оценка: 4.2 (5)
Genre: history
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  1. The Year of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson
  2. ONE
  3. Another journey west, Bold and Psin find an empty land;
  4. Temur is displeased, and the chapter has a stormy end.
  5. TWO
  6. Through the realm of hungry ghosts
  7. A monkey wanders, lonely as a cloud.
  8. THREE
  9. In Egypt our pilgrim is sold into slavery; In Zanj he encounters again the inescapable Chinese.
  10. FOUR
  11. After dismal events, a piece of the Buddha appears;
  12. Then the treasure fleet asks Tianfei to calm their fears.
  13. FIVE
  14. In a Hangzhou restaurant, Bold and Kyu rejoin their jati; In a single moment, end of many months harmony.
  15. SIX
  16. By way of the Grand Canal our pilgrims escape justice;
  17. SEVEN
  18. New capital, new emperor, plots reach their ends. Boy against China; you can guess who wins.
  19. EIGHT
  20. In the bardo, Bold explains to Kyu the true nature of reality; Their jati regathered, they are cast back into the world.
  21. One. The Cuckoo in the Village
  22. Two. Back in the Bardo
  23. Three. Tiger Mercy
  24. Four. Akbar
  25. Five. The Haj to Mecca
  26. Six. Al Andalus
  27. Seven. The Caravan of Fools
  28. Eight. Baraka
  29. Nine. Another Meeting in the Bardo
  30. Transmutation
  31. The Mercy of the Khan
  32. The Khan Confronts the Void
  33. The Chest of Wisdom
  34. The Speed of Light
  35. Jewels in the Sky
  36. The Goddess and the Law
  37. Make Trouble
  38. Dragon Bites World
  39. A Weapon from God
  40. One. A Case of Soul theft
  41. Two. The Remembering
  42. Three. Waves Slap Together
  43. Four. The Afterlife
  44. Chapter One. The Fall of Konstantiniyye
  45. Chapter Two. Travancore
  46. Chapter Three. Gold Mountain
  47. Chapter Four. Black Clouds
  48. ONE
  49. TWO
  50. THREE
  51. FOUR
  52. FIVE
  53. SIX
  54. SEVEN
  55. EIGHT
  56. NINE
  57. TEN
  58. ELEVEN
  59. TWELVE
  67. TWENTY
  70. I. Always China
  71. 2. This Square Fathom
  72. 3. Writing Burmese History
  73. 4. The Red Egg

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