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Ellison Harlan

No Doors, No Windows

Оценка: 1.0 (1)
Genre: fantasy
YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF! The only trouble is, fear comes in so many different shapes and sizes these days. It comes as rejection by a beautiful woman. It comes in the brutalization of your love by an amoral man. It comes with the threat of impending nuclear holocaust; with the slithering shadows in the city streets; with the ripoff artists who lie in wait behind every television commercial. Fear is the erratic behavior of all the nut cases and whackos walking the streets-they look just like you and me and your lover and your mother-and all they need is a wrong word and there they go to the top of an apartment building with a sniperscope`d rifle. Fear is all around you. You have nothing to fear but fear itself, right? Sure. The only trouble is, the minute you get all the rational fears taken care of, all battened down and secure, here comes something new. Like what? Well, like the special fears generated in these 16 incredible stories. Fear described as it`s never been described before, by the startling imagination of Harlan Ellison, master fantasist, tour-guide through the land of dreadful visions, unerring observer of human folly and supernatural diabolism. Or, quoting the Louisville Courier-Journal & Times, Ellison`s 'stories are kaleidoscopic in their range, breathtaking in their beauty, hideous in their deformity, insulting in their arrogance and unarguable in the accuracy of their insight.' AND HERE ARE 16 NEW TERRORS TO SCARE THE BEJEEZUS OUT OF YOU!
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  1. Harlan Ellison No Doors, No Windows
  2. Introduction: Blood / Thoughts
  3. One: The Whimper of Whipped Dogs
  4. Two: Eddie, You ’re My Friend
  5. Three: Status Quo at Troyden ’s
  6. Four: Nedra at
  8. Five: Opposites Attract
  9. Six: Toe the Line
  10. Seven: Down in the Dark
  11. Eight: Pride in the Profession
  12. Nine: The Children ’s Hour
  13. Ten: White Trash Don ’t Exist
  14. Eleven: Thicker than Blood
  15. Twelve: Two Inches in Tomorrow ’s Column
  16. Thirteen: Promises of Laughter
  17. Fourteen: Ormond Always Pays His Bills
  18. Fifteen: The Man on the Juice Wagon
  19. Sixteen: Tired Old Man

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