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Gardner James

Commitment Hour

Commitment Hour Оценка: 4.5 (19)
Serie: League of People
Genre: space fantasy
Commitment Hour is a science fiction novel by James Alan Gardner, published in 1998. The novel is set in Gardner`s 'League of Peoples`s' futuristic universe, and plays out in the small, isolated village of Tober Cove. Set on post-apocalyptic Earth, Tober Cove most resembles a rural, seventeenth century fishing village, with one exception: every year, everyone below the age of 21 changes gender. At the age of twenty-one, the people of the village must 'commit' to being male, female or both in the form of a Hermaphrodite (a `Neut`), forever. Commitment Hour follows the day leading up to the main character`s hour of commitment (Wikipedia).
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  1. James Alan Gardner Commitment Hour
  3. ONE A Net for a Duck
  4. TWO A Finger Exercise for Master Disease
  5. THREE A Shoulder for the Mocking Priestess
  6. FOUR A Dance for Mistress Night
  7. FIVE A Bribe for Bonnakkut
  8. SIX A Maiden Speech for Cappie
  9. SEVEN An Oath for the Patriarchs Man
  10. EIGHT A Call for the Weasel
  11. NINE A Hush for Mistress Snow
  12. TEN An Assembly for Father Ash and Mother Dust
  13. ELEVEN A New Name for Steck
  14. TWELVE A Kiss for Dorr
  15. THIRTEEN A Wife for the Dead Man
  16. FOURTEEN A Gift of Blood for Master Crow
  17. FIFTEEN A Predictable History for the Patriarch
  18. SIXTEEN A Dish for the Traitors
  19. SEVENTEEN A Barrel for the Bereaved
  20. EIGHTEEN A Chicken Foot for Zephram
  21. NINETEEN A Pair of Fleas for Mistress Gull
  22. TWENTY A Mechanical Welcome for Rashid
  23. TWENTY-ONE A Coffin for Fullin
  24. TWENTY-TWO A Prayer for Us All
  25. AUTHORS NOTE Why Feliss City?

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