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Robinson Kim

Blue Mars

Blue Mars : 1.0 (2)
Serie: Mars
Genre: space fantasy
Red Mars, the kickoff to Robinson`s epic Mars trilogy, won the Nebula for best SF novel of 1992; its follow-up, Green Mars, won the parallel Hugo for 1994. The conclusion to the saga is not unlike the terrain of Robinsons Red Planet: fertile and fully developed in some spots, vast and arid in others but, ultimately, its an impressive achievement. Using the last 200 years of American history as his template for Martian history, Robinson projects his tale of Marss colonization from the 21st century, in which settlers successfully revolt against Earth, into the next century, when various interests on Mars work out their differences on issues ranging from government to the terraforming of the planet and immigration. Sax Russell, Maya Toitovna and others reprise their roles from the first two novels, but the dominant personality is the planet itself, which Robinson describes in exhaustive naturalistic detail. Characters look repeatedly for sermons in its stones and are nearly overwhelmed by textbook abstracts on the biological and geological minutiae of their environment. Not until the closing chapters, when they begin confronting their mortality, does the human dimension of the story balance out its awesome ecological extrapolations. Robinson`s achievement here is on a par with Bradburys The Martian Chronicles and Herberts Dune, even if his clinical detachment may leave some readers wondering whether there really is life on Mars. (Piblishers Weekly)
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  1. Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
  2. PART ONE Peacock Mountain
  3. PART TWO Areophany
  4. PART FOUR Green Earth
  5. PART FIVE Home At Last
  6. PART SIX Ann in the Outback
  7. PART SEVEN Making Things Work
  8. PART EIGHT The Green and the White
  9. PART NINE Natural History
  10. PART TEN Werteswandel
  11. PART ELEVEN Viriditas
  12. PART TWELVE It Goes So Fast
  13. PART THIRTEEN Experimental Procedures
  14. PART FOURTEEN Phoenix Lake
  15. Acknowledgments

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