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Grimwood Jon


redRobe Genre: fantasy
Ex-assassin Axl Borja has agreed to do one last hit - only he hasn`t told his gun yet. Cardinal Santo Ducque faces political ruin if he can`t regain the Vatican`s missing billions. Mai`s a Japanese kinderwhore held hostage on a space habitat. As they collide their actions could change the world.
Year: 2010 г.
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  1. redRobe Jon Courtenay grimwood
  2. Prologue Tunic by Issuki Marino
  3. Chapter One Sounds/Silence
  4. Chapter Two Vote Maximillia
  5. Chapter Three The Rules of Migration
  6. Chapter Four Drowning in an Empty Pool
  7. Chapter Five Right Here, Right Now
  8. Chapter Six S
  9. Chapter Seven The Wheel of Life
  10. Chapter Eight Dying to Schedule
  11. Chapter Nine Cold Like Water/Sharp Like Glass
  12. ‘Take some rest,’ Kate said to Father Sylvester over her shoulder. ‘Your job’s done.’
  13. Chapter Ten Waiting For Darkness
  14. Chapter Eleven Ghosts in the Beehive
  15. Chapter Twelve Wait No Longer
  16. Chapter Thirteen S
  17. Chapter Fourteen Vision Off
  18. Chapter Fifteen Looking For A Little Human Understanding
  19. Chapter Sixteen Cabin Service
  20. Chapter Seventeen Vaya Con Dios
  21. Chapter Eighteen Body, Speech, Mind, Diamond
  22. Chapter Nineteen Monosyllabic/Monochromatic
  23. Chapter Twenty The Diamond Way
  24. Chapter Twenty-One Shangri/LaLa
  25. Chapter Twenty-Two Buy Time/Sell Space
  26. Chapter Twenty-Three Swimming Towards the Light
  27. Chapter Twenty-Four Wolf Patrol
  28. Chapter Twenty-Five Crazy Wisdom (The Bardo Mix)
  29. Chapter Twenty-Six El Escondido
  30. Chapter Twenty-Seven Cutting A Deal
  31. Chapter Twenty-Eight Outriders
  32. Chapter Twenty-Nine Rinpoche
  33. Chapter Thirty Enter the Tag Team
  34. Chapter Thirty-One Time Out
  35. Chapter Thirty-Two Forgiveness Comes Xtra
  36. Chapter Thirty-Three Build It Up...
  37. Chapter Thirty-Four ...Knock It Down
  38. Chapter Thirty-Five Zazen/Sunyata
  39. Chapter Thirty-Six Gods Fist
  40. Chapter Thirty-Seven Learning To Howl...
  41. Chapter Thirty-Eight ...In the Society of Wolves
  42. Chapter Thirty-Nine Dubbed-out Dub
  43. Chapter Forty Hill/Slope/River
  44. Chapter Forty-One Ashes on Diamonds
  45. Chapter Forty-Two Exit the Tag Team
  46. Chapter Forty-Three The Bending of Starlight
  47. Chapter Forty-Four Lo-fi/Fidelity
  48. Chapter Forty-Five 13.38.34
  49. Chapter Forty-Six Ammo Check/Check Ammo
  50. Chapter Forty-Seven Down Through Zero
  51. Chapter Forty-Eight PoV Free
  52. Chapter Forty-Nine Hollow Rooms
  53. Epilogue Points of Vision

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