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Brooks Terry

The Druid of Shannara

Genre: heroic
Quest for the Black Elfstone

In the three hundred years since the death of the Druid Allanon, themysterious, evil Shadow-en have seized control of the Four Lands. Theshade of Allanon summons the four scions of Shannara: Par, Coll, Wren,and Walker Boh. 'Io Walker Boh he gives the duty of restoring the lostDruid`s Keep, Paranor. For that, Walker Boh needs the black Elfstone,but his search leads him into a trap.

Quickening, the daughter of the ancient King of the Silver River, findsWalker Boh dying after an attack by the Shadowen Rimmcr Dail. She healsWalker Boh and tells him that the Elfstone is in the hands of the StoneKing, who seeks to turn all the world to stone. 'Io secure the Elfstonethey must travel through the Charnal Mountains into the perilous,unknown land beyond. And no one knows what horrible monsters the StoneKing has set to guard his citadel.

They form a strange company to undertake the quest: Walker Boll, withonly one arm and no longer able to summon his magic; Morgan Leah, whoseonce-magic sword has been broken; Quickening, who must depend on themen for her defense; and Pe Ell, an assassin who plans eventually tokill her. Thus, the quest for the black Elfstone begins.
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