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Rodriguez Jose

Snapshots of Modern Love

Snapshots of Modern Love Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: prose
This is an imperfect love story between an imperfect man and woman that starts in the early eighties and goes nowhere because happy endings are not how real life works. Mistakes and misfortunes keep them apart until by chance they meet again twenty years later. Despite their emotional baggage, scars, and her reluctance and his doubts, they get together, wondering if they deserve a second chance.

This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.
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  1. Jose Rodriguez Snapshots of Modern Love
  2. Part I.The Early Eighties
  3. Outta Here
  4. Money and Cigarettes
  5. Making Sex
  6. Two Chinks
  7. Debbie and Lucy
  8. Greasy Spoon Talk
  9. Letter to Tony
  10. The Old Yankee Who Loves Jesus
  11. Debbie, the Beach, and the Plane
  12. Self-Service
  13. Special Treatment
  14. Rip Off
  15. Two for One
  16. Tony Comes South
  17. Busted
  18. The Jetties
  19. Flying
  20. The Reckoning
  21. Graduation
  22. Farewell
  23. Turning Point
  24. Orlando Night
  25. Hide and Seek
  26. Car Wash Orgy
  27. Daytona Beach Night
  28. Sparrows and Bones
  29. Easy Money
  30. Westward Bus
  31. Voodoo Candle
  32. The Good Life
  33. Debbie Does Dallas
  34. Cuban Hospitality
  35. The Good Samaritan
  36. Funeral for a Friend
  37. Debbie Does Dallas, Again
  38. Boat Trip
  39. The Fucking Trip
  40. Complicated Matters
  41. Life Goes On
  42. Done Deal
  43. Life and Death in the Fast Lane
  44. The Dummy Talks
  45. Payback
  46. Part II.Twenty Years Later
  47. Rise and Shine
  48. Men at Work
  49. Women at Work
  50. Tough People
  51. The Night Owl Presents Pink Floyd
  52. Rejected Virility
  53. Debbie the Whore
  54. Undeserved Freedom
  55. Married Life
  56. Good Timing
  57. Doubts
  58. Nasty Surprise
  59. Crossroads
  60. Fear
  61. The Smell of Old Things
  62. Sweet Home
  63. Searching for Something
  64. Pain, fear and hate
  65. Waiting for Debbie
  66. Living by the Gun
  67. The Plan
  68. Cliffhangers
  69. The Fool
  70. Showdown at The Night Owl
  71. Hospital Dreams
  72. Family Awakening
  73. Headache
  74. Anew
  75. Searching for Debbie
  76. Traffic Watch
  77. Debbie and Cash
  78. Dumb and Dumber
  79. Crossroads for the Second Time
  80. M

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