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Tubb Edwin

The Winds of Gath

The Winds of Gath Serie: Dumarest
Genre: space fantasy
Mercenary. Galactic traveller. Survivor. Earl Dumarest is all those things? and more. For he claims to come from the mythical planet of Earth. And those claims have just attracted the attention of the sinister Cyclan . . . Stranded on Gath with no way off, Dumarest becomes embroiled in the schemes of a sadistic prince and a dying matriarch. Plots within plots unfold?and Dumarest is the key to their success. For amid the schemes of prince and matriarch alike, all have come to experience the legendary Winds of Gath. For when the star swarms come, when the music of the spheres rises over the the planet`s valleys and mountains, the dead can speak to the living . . . and men go mad!

THE WINDS OF GATH is the first volume in the Dumarest of Terra saga!
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  1. The Winds of Gath #1 in the Dumarest series E.C. Tubb
  2. Chapter One
  3. Chapter Two
  4. Chapter Three
  5. Chapter Four
  6. Chapter Five
  7. Chapter Six
  8. Chapter Seven
  9. Chapter Eight
  10. Chapter Nine
  11. Chapter Ten
  12. Chapter Eleven
  13. Chapter Twelve
  14. Chapter Thirteen
  15. Chapter Fourteen
  16. Chapter Fifteen

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