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Harrison M


Light Оценка: 1.0 (3)
Genre: fantasy
Light marks that fine writer M John Harrison`s first return to the heartland of SF--including spaceships and hair-raising interstellar chases--since his apocalyptic anti-space opera The Centauri Device (1975).

The heavy SF action begins in 2400. Space-going humanity is the latest of many civilizations to be baffled by the impenetrable Kefahuchi Tract; that vast stellar region where an unshielded singularity makes physics itself unreliable. Along its accessible fringe, the 'Beach', solar systems are littered with crazy, abandoned devices used to probe the Tract since before life began on Earth. A whole dead-end culture is based on beachcombing this rubble of industrial archaeology...

25th-century characters include a woman who`s sacrificed almost everything to merge with the AI 'mathematics' of a crack military spacecraft; a former daredevil who once surfed black holes but has retreated into a virtual reality tank; the lady proprietor of the Circus of Pathet Lao, with an alien freakshow and a hidden agenda; and a variety of raunchy, smelly, gene-sculpted lowlife, some comic, some menacing. Many are not what they seem.

Meanwhile in 1999 London, physicists Kearney and Tate--remembered in 2400 as the fathers of interstellar flight--are getting nowhere. Kearney`s personal problems occupy familiar Harrison territory: urban paranoia, a seedily unreliable guru, bad sex, guilty rituals to propitiate a metaphysical-seeming threat called the Shrander--a pursuing image out of nightmare. In the lab, both Kearney and Tate fear the increasing quantum strangeness of their results.

The cosmological wonders and hazards of the Beach form a backdrop to space pursuits and violent skirmishes whose duration is measured in nanoseconds, reported in tensely lyrical prose. Eventually everything comes together as it should--even that oppressive 1999 story strand--with revelations, transformation, transcendence, and ultimate hope. Harrison demands your full attention and rewards it richly. --David Langford
Year: 2002 г.
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  1. M John Harrison LIGHT
  2. ONE Disillusioned by the Actual 1999:
  3. TWO Gold Diggers of 2400 AD
  4. THREE New Venusport, 2400 AD
  5. FOUR Operations of the Heart
  6. FIVE Uncle Zip the Tailor
  7. SIX In Dreams
  8. SEVEN The Pursuit of God
  9. EIGHT The Tailors Cut
  10. NINE This Is Your Wake-up Call
  11. TEN Agents of Fortune
  12. ELEVEN Machine Dreams
  13. TWELVE The Warren
  14. THIRTEEN Monster Beach
  15. FOURTEEN The Ghost Train
  16. SIXTEEN The Venture Capital
  17. SEVENTEEN The Lost Entradas
  18. EIGHTEEN The Circus of Pathet Lao
  19. NINETEEN Chimes of Freedom
  20. TWENTY Three Body Problem
  21. TWENTY-ONE War
  22. TWENTY-TWO Persistent Entities
  23. TWENTY-THREE Star-crossed
  24. TWENTY-FOUR Tumbling Dice
  25. TWENTY-FIVE Swallowed by the God
  26. TWENTY-SIX 50,000 degrees K
  27. TWENTY-SEVEN The Alcubiere Break
  28. TWENTY-EIGHT Sparks in Everything
  29. TWENTY-NINE Surgery
  30. THIRTY Radio RX-1
  31. THIRTY-ONE Ive Been Here
  32. THIRTY-TWO Everywhere and No Place
  33. THIRTY-THREE Ed Chianeses Last Throw
  35. Praise for Light
  36. Notes

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