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Elmore Leonard

Cat Chaser

Cat Chaser Genre: historical detective
George Moran`s affair with a beautiful woman leads him into danger when her husband, a mob-connected Dominican cop, discovers what has been happening and sets out to seek revenge on him at all costs. Reprint. 20,000 first printing. NYT.In the world of Elmore Leonard novels, two ex-Marines can sit around a hotel swimming pool in Florida and, as if it were perfectly natural, chat about a friendly fire incident during an 'interventionist action' in Santo Domingo. His characters have learned the futility of complaining about a life where deadly violence and moral obligations are all too frequently intertwined. In Cat Chaser George Moran is the hotel manager who got shot at back then; now, he`s rekindling his intimate acquaintance with the wife of Andres de Boya, a former Dominican military enforcer who currently invests in real estate with a healthy sideline in drugs.A dizzying series of plot twists involving various grifters and strongmen (both hired and freelance) leads to the grimly comic suspense action that Elmore Leonard fans have come to know and love. But as always, it`s Leonard`s impressive ear for dialogue that raises Cat Chaser above the herd of crime novels. An example: 'That`s correct,' Scully said, 'I`m a consultant… I advise people on business matters, act as a go-between, bring people together that want to make deals… things like that. You want to know any more, come by my office, we`ll have a coffee sometime. Okay? Right now I`m going to see Mr. Pradi. Where you come in--I`m gonna knock on his door, he don`t open it then I might have to kick it in. I mean the business I got with him is that pressing. So you can give me a key and maybe save yourself a door. What do you think?' Well, what do you think? --Ron Hogan
Year: 1982 г.
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  25. Martin Amis Interviews “The Dickens of Detroit”
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