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Elmore Leonard

Riding the Rap

Riding the Rap Serie: Raylan Givens
Genre: historical detective
This is the story of Harry, the ex-mobster who first appeared in 'Pronto', who has been kidnapped by a raggle-taggle band of extortionists and ex-cons under the impression that he`s richer than he really is.In this sequel to Pronto, Harry Arno has retired from bookmaking but is still closing out some of his outstanding debts. But then his collection agent, an ex-con by the name of Bobby Deo, goes to pick up $1,800 from Chip Ganz and ends up getting hired for a hostage-taking operation (like kidnapping 'in a way,' Chip tells him, 'only different. A lot different.') When Harry`s taken by his own man, it`s up to United States Marshal Raylan Givens to track him down, in the same methodically relentless fashion he tracked Harry that time he ran off to Italy. Throw in a henchman named Louis Lewis with plans of his own and an attractive young psychic named Reverend Dawn, and you`ve got yet another crime story that`ll keep you on the edge of your seat--occasionally chuckling to yourself--straight through to the finish. (And bonus points to loyal Leonard fans who can spot the crossover elements from Rum Punch and Maximum Bob.) --Ron Hogan
Year: 1995 г.
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  1. Elmore Leonard Riding the Rap
  2. one
  3. two
  4. three
  5. four
  6. five
  7. six
  8. seven
  9. eight
  10. nine
  11. ten
  12. eleven
  13. twelve
  14. thirteen
  15. fourteen
  16. fifteen
  17. sixteen
  18. seventeen
  19. eighteen
  20. nineteen
  21. twenty
  22. twenty-one
  23. twenty-two
  24. twenty-three
  25. twenty-four
  26. twenty-five
  27. twenty-six
  28. twenty-seven
  29. twenty-eight
  30. twenty-nine
  31. thirty
  32. Notes

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