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Easton Dossie

The Etical Slut

Genre: philosophy, erotic
'I couldn`t stop reading it, and I for one identify as an ethical slut. This is a book for everyone interested in creating more pleasure-in their lives... a complete guide to improving any style of relating, from going steady to having an extended family of sexual friends.'

Betty Dodson, Ph.D. author. Sex for One.

'A useful guidebook for radical relationship travelers. Experienced counsel to those on the poly sexual frontier.'

Ryam Nearing, Loving More Magazine.

'Frank, funny, and full of practical advice!... lifesaving validation, empathy, and plenty of insider tips from the experienced big sisters you probably weren`t fortunate enough to have.'

Deborah Anapol, Ph.D. author, Polyamory: The New Love Without Limits.

'A postgraduate course in ethical relationships of every stripe. The authors pull no punches and are totally outrageous.... You`ll never be bored.'

Stan Dale, DHS, founder. Human Awareness Institute.

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