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Baxter Stephen


Silverhair Serie: The Mammoth
Genre: fantasy
Isolated from the passage of time, a small colony of mammoths survives into the 20th century until their discovery by a group of shipwrecked sailors threatens their existence. Baxter combines well-researched details on the physical habits of prehistoric mammoths with an anthropomorphic touch to delineate the personalities of his protagonists. Fans of the prehistoric novels of Jean Auel and the animal-based fantasies of Richard Adams should enjoy this tale of triumph over adversity.
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  1. Silverhair by Stephen Baxter
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Prologue
  4. Part 1: Family
  5. The Story of the Hotbloods
  6. 1 The Headland
  7. 2 The Birth
  8. 3 The Walk South
  9. 4 The Monster of the Ice Floe
  10. USSR
  14. 5 The Tusk
  15. 6 The Mountains at the End of the World
  16. 7 The Barrier
  17. Part 2: Lost
  18. The Story of the Calves of Kilukpuk
  19. 8 The Plain of Bones
  20. 9 The Hole Gouged Out of the Sky
  21. 10 The Time of Musth and Estrus
  22. 11 The Rhythms and the Lost
  23. 12 The Kettle Hole
  24. 13 The Captive
  25. 14 The Nest of the Lost
  26. Part 3: Matriarch
  27. The Story of Ganesha the Wise
  28. 15 The Huddle
  29. 16 The Glaciers
  30. 17 The Chasm of Ice
  31. 18 The Cave of Salt
  32. 19 The Undersea Tundra
  33. 20 The City of the Lost
  34. 21 The Calves of Probos
  35. Epilogue

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