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The Best American Crime Writing 2005

The Best American Crime Writing 2005 Оценка: 2.6 (27)
Serie: _худлит
Genre: historical detective
The 2005 edition of The Best American Crime Writing offers the year`s most shocking, compelling, and gripping writing about real-life crime, including Peter Landesman`s article about female sex slaves (the most requested and widely read New York Times story of 2004), a piece from The New Yorker by Stephen J. Dubner (the coauthor of Freakanomics) about a high-society silver thief, and an extraordinarily memorable 'ode to bar fights' written by Jonathan Miles for Men`s Journal after he punched an editor at a staff party. But this year`s edition includes a bonus an original essay by James Ellroy detailing his fascination with Joseph Wambaugh and how it fed his obsession with crime even to the point of selling his own blood to buy Wambaugh`s books. Smart, entertaining, and controversial, The Best American Crime Writing is an essential edition to any crime enthusiast`s bookshelf.
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  1. James Ellroy, Peter Landesman, Robert Draper, Skip Hollandsworth, David Grann, Clive Thompson, Jonathan Miles, Lawrence Wright, Craig Horowitz, Justin Kane, Jason Felch, Bruce Porter, Jeff Tietz, Step
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Peter Landesman The GirlsNext Door
  5. Abduction
  6. Breaking the Girls In
  7. Crossing the Border
  8. In the United States: Hiding in Plain Sight
  9. Imprisonment and Submission
  10. Endgame
  11. Correction
  12. Coda
  13. Robert Draper The OnesThat Got Away
  14. Coda
  15. Skip Hollandsworth The FamilyMan
  16. Coda
  17. David Grann Mysterious Circumstances
  18. Coda
  19. Clive Thompson The Virus Underground
  20. Coda
  21. Jonathan Miles Punch Drunk Love
  22. Coda
  23. Lawrence Wright The Terror Web
  24. Coda
  25. Craig Horowitz Anatomy of a Foiled Plot
  26. Coda
  27. Justin Kane and Jason Felch To Catchan Oligarch
  28. Epilogue
  29. Coda
  30. Bruce Porter A Long Way Down
  31. Coda
  32. Jeff Tietz Fine Disturbances
  33. Coda
  34. Stephen J. Dubner The Silver Thief
  35. Coda
  36. Philip Weiss Stalking Her Killer
  37. Coda
  38. Debra Miller Landau Social Disgraces
  39. Macon
  40. West Palm Beach
  41. Atlanta
  42. Slaton Drive, Buckhead
  43. West Palm Beach
  44. Fulton County
  45. West Palm Beach
  46. Fulton County
  47. Thailand
  48. Atlanta
  49. Fulton County Jail
  50. Coda
  51. Neil Swidey The Self-Destruction of an M.D.
  52. Coda
  53. James Ellroy Choirboys
  54. Permissions and Acknowledgments
  55. About the Editors
  56. James Ellroy

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