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Gardner James

Gravity Wells (Short Stories Collection)

Gravity Wells (Short Stories Collection) Оценка: 5.0 (10)
Genre: fantasy
Award-winning author James Alan Gardner evokes a sense of wonder that is synonymous with great speculative fiction. Now, in his first short-story collection, he brings together the numerous tales that have made his reputation, ranging from the everyday experience to the cosmic, from peanut butter sandwiches to space drives. There are stories of wonder, imagination, humanity, and the unknown and tales that remind us of the importance of possibility.

Some of the stories in this collection have won the Aurora Award and the grand prize in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest and been nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards, while others are completely new and undiscovered.
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  1. Gravity Wells James Alan Gardner
  2. Preface
  3. Muffin Explains Teleology to the World at Large
  4. The Children of Cr
  5. Kent State Descending the Gravity Well: An Analysis of the Observer
  6. Withered Gold, the Night, the Day
  7. The Last Day of the War, with Parrots
  8. A Changeable Market in Slaves
  9. Reaper
  10. Lesser Figures of the Greater Trumps
  11. Shadow Album
  12. Hardware Scenario G-49
  13. The Reckoning of Gifts
  14. The Young Persons Guide to the Organism (Variations and Fugue on a Classical Theme)
  15. Three Hearings on the Existence of Snakes in the Human Bloodstream
  16. Sense of Wonder
  17. Copyright Notices

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