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Castle Jayne

Obsidian Prey

Obsidian Prey Serie: Ghost Hunters
Genre: fantasy
Two hundred years after the closing of the energy Curtain that allowed interplanetary travelcutting off all contact to Earththe planet Harmony is thriving. Thanks to an abundant supply of amber, which powers not only electrical machines for everyday use but also psychic abilities in the colonists, Harmony has created a stable, progressive community. But when that stability is threatened, resolving an ancient family feud and a fresh lover`s quarrel might be the planet`s only hope.

Three months ago, Lyra Dore suffered a heartbreak and a hostile takeoverboth at the hands of the same man. A descendant of her ancestors` fierce rival. Cruz Sweetwater charmed his way into Lyra`s heart and gained access to her pet project, an amethyst ruin. Then he took over the project and took off. When Cruz walks back into her life and requests a private meeting, Lyra convinces herself he`s there to crawl and beg forgiveness. Wrong againhe just needs her help. With the project he stole from her.

Five innocent men are trapped inside a chamber in the amethyst ruin, and Lyra is the only one who can reopen the door. Reluctantly she agrees to help. Then Cruz wants her to apply her talents to the rest of the ruinbecause no one else can work it. Lyra and Cruz are both harboring psychic secrets. Unknownand dangerouspowers pulse within the amethyst ruin, and the closer Lyra gets to them, the more at risk she becomes. And now she must decide whether to trust her guts or her heart
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  1. Obsidian Prey Ghost Hunters, book 7 Jayne Castle
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. A Note from Jayne
  4. Chapter 1
  5. Chapter 2
  6. Chapter 3
  7. Chapter 4
  8. Chapter 5
  9. Chapter 6
  10. Chapter 7
  11. Chapter 8
  12. Chapter 9
  13. Chapter 10
  14. Chapter 11
  15. Chapter 12
  16. Chapter 13
  17. Chapter 14
  18. Chapter 15
  19. Chapter 16
  20. Chapter 17
  21. Chapter 18
  22. Chapter 19
  23. Chapter 20
  24. Chapter 21
  25. Chapter 22
  26. Chapter 23
  27. Chapter 24
  28. Chapter 25
  29. Chapter 26
  30. Chapter 27
  31. Chapter 28
  32. Chapter 29
  33. Chapter 30
  34. Chapter 31
  35. Chapter 32
  36. Chapter 33
  37. Chapter 34
  38. Chapter 35
  39. Chapter 36
  40. Chapter 37
  41. Chapter 38
  42. Chapter 39

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