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Malmont Valerie

Death, Guns and Sticky Buns

Death, Guns and Sticky Buns Оценка: 3.7 (3)
Genre: historical detective
When a quaint Pennsylvania town hosts a Civil War reenactment, only the blood will be real &

How does a once-hip New Yorker get used to living in a quaint Pennsylvania town famous for its gooey, oversized sticky buns? For Tori Miracle, it means kissing her diet good-bye, always showing up in the wrong clothes, and struggling with a love life. And now that she`s filling in for the editor of the Lickin Creek Chronicle and has the town newspaper to look after as well as her own dear fastidious felines, sometimes it means cosponsoring public events like a Civil War reenactment for the local women`s college.

But when this charmingly authentic reenactment is done, and each man and woman has played his or her part to the hilt, it`s clear that Tori has miscalculated again. Someone used one live bullet in an antique gun. And with a man dead, it`s going to be up to the only city slicker in Lickin Creek to unravel a mystery of murder in a town where calories don`t count, but murder does &
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  1. Valerie S Malmont Death, Guns and Sticky Buns
  3. CHAPTER 1
  4. A Friday in October
  5. CHAPTER 2
  6. A Saturday Afternoon
  7. CHAPTER 3
  8. Sunday Morning
  9. CHAPTER 4
  10. Sunday Afternoon
  11. CHAPTER 5
  12. Monday Morning
  13. CHAPTER 6
  14. Tuesday Morning
  15. CHAPTER 7
  16. Tuesday Afternoon
  17. CHAPTER 8
  18. Wednesday Morning
  19. CHAPTER 9
  20. Thursday
  21. CHAPTER 10
  22. Friday
  23. CHAPTER 11
  24. Saturday Morning
  25. CHAPTER 12
  26. Saturday
  27. CHAPTER 13
  28. Monday Morning
  29. CHAPTER 14
  30. Monday Evening
  31. CHAPTER 15
  32. Tuesday Noon
  33. CHAPTER 16
  34. Tuesday Evening
  35. CHAPTER 17
  36. Wednesday Morning
  37. CHAPTER 18
  38. Wednesday Afternoon
  39. CHAPTER 19
  40. Thursday Morning
  41. CHAPTER 20
  42. Halloween Morning
  43. CHAPTER 21
  44. Halloween Afternoon
  45. CHAPTER 22
  46. Halloween Evening
  47. Sticky Buns

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