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Robinson Kim

Forty Signs of Rain

Forty Signs of Rain Оценка: 3.0 (1)
Serie: Science in the Capital
Genre: fantasy
An elegantly crafted and beguiling novel set in the very near future. Anna Quibler is a technocrat at the National Science Foundation while her husband, Charlie, takes care of their toddler and telecommutes as a legislative consultant to a senator. Their family life is a delight to observe, as are the interactions of the scientists at the NSF and related organizations. When a Buddhist delegation, whose country is being flooded because of climate change, opens an embassy near the NSF, the Quiblers befriend them and teach them to work the system of politics and grants. The Buddhists, in turn, affect the scientists in delightful and unexpectedly significant ways. The characters all share information and theories, appreciating the threat that global warming poses, but they just can t seem to awaken a sense of urgency in the politicians who could do something about it. (Robinson s characterizations of politicians are barbed, and often hilarious.) As the scientists focus on the minutiae of their lives, the specter of global warming looms over all, inexorably causing a change here, a change there, until all the imbalances combine to bring about a brilliantly visualized catastrophe that readers will not soon forget. Even as he outlines frighteningly plausible scenarios backed up by undeniable facts, the author charms with domesticity and humor. This beautifully paced novel stands on its own, but it is the first of a trilogy. As readers wait impatiently for the next volume, they will probably find themselves paying closer attention to science, to politics, and to the weather.

Won BSFA Award in 2004, Locus Award in 2005.
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  1. Forty Signs of Rain by Kim Stanley Robinson
  2. I The Buddha Arrives
  4. II In the Hyperpower
  5. III Intellectual Merit
  6. IV Science in the Capital
  7. V Athena on the Pacific
  8. VI The Capital in Science
  9. VII Tit for Tat
  10. VIII A Paradigm Shift
  11. IX Trigger Event
  12. X Broader Impacts

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