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Perry Anne

The Sheen of the Silk

The Sheen of the Silk Genre: historical detective
New York Times bestselling novelist Anne Perry, the undisputed Queen of Victorian mysteries and the author of an acclaimed series set during World War I, now broadens her canvas with her first major stand-alone book an epic historical novel set in thirteenth-century Constantinople, where a woman must live a lie in her quest to uncover the truth. Arriving in the ancient Byzantine city in the year 1273, Anna Zarides has only one mission: to prove the innocence of her twin brother, Justinian, who has been exiled to the desert for conspiring to kill Bessarion, a nobleman. Disguising herself as a eunuch named Anastasius, Anna moves freely about in society, using her skills as a physician to manoeuver close to the key players involved in her brother`s fate. With her medical practice thriving, Anna crosses paths with Zoe Chrysaphes, a devious noblewoman with her own hidden agenda, and Giuiliano Dandolo, a ship`s captain conflicted not only by his mixed Venetian-Byzantine heritage but by his growing feelings for Anastasius. Trying to clear her brother`s name, Anna learns more about Justinian`s life and reputation including his peculiar ties to Bessarion`s beautiful widow and his possible role in a plot to overthrow the emperor. This leaves Anna with more questions than answer, and time is running out. For an even greater threat lies on the horizon: Another Crusade to capture the Holy Land is brewing, and leaders in Rome and Venice have set their sights on Constantinople for what is sure to be a brutal invasion. Anna`s discoveries draw her inextricably closer to the dangers of the emperor`s treacherous court where it seems that no one is exactly who he or she appears to be. Richly detailed and finely wrought, The Sheen on the Silk is a bold and brilliant work that affirms Anne Perry`s talent as a master storyteller.

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  1. Anne Perry The Sheen of the Silk
  2. Chart of Characters
  3. Prologue
  4. One
  5. Two
  6. Three
  7. Four
  8. Five
  9. Six
  10. Seven
  11. Eight
  12. Nine
  13. Ten
  14. Eleven
  15. Twelve
  16. Thirteen
  17. Fourteen
  18. Fifteen
  19. Sixteen
  20. Seventeen
  21. Eighteen
  22. Nineteen
  23. Twenty
  24. Twenty-one
  25. Twenty-two
  26. Twenty-three
  27. Twenty-four
  28. Twenty-five
  29. Twenty-six
  30. Twenty-seven
  31. Twenty-eight
  32. Twenty-nine
  33. Thirty
  34. Thirty-one
  35. Thirty-two
  36. Thirty-three
  37. Thirty-four
  38. Thirty-five
  39. Thirty-six
  40. Thirty-seven
  41. Thirty-eight
  42. Thirty-nine
  43. Forty
  44. Forty-one
  45. Forty-two
  46. Forty-three
  47. Forty-four
  48. Forty-five
  49. Forty-six
  50. Forty-seven
  51. Forty-eight
  52. Forty-nine
  53. Fifty
  54. Fifty-one
  55. Fifty-two
  56. Fifty-three
  57. Fifty-four
  58. Fifty-five
  59. Fifty-six
  60. Fifty-seven
  61. Fifty-eight
  62. Fifty-nine
  63. Sixty
  64. Sixty-one
  65. Sixty-two
  66. Sixty-three
  67. Sixty-four
  68. Sixty-five
  69. Sixty-six
  70. Sixty-seven
  71. Sixty-eight
  72. Sixty-nine
  73. Seventy
  74. Seventy-one
  75. Seventy-two
  76. Seventy-three
  77. Seventy-four
  78. Seventy-five
  79. Seventy-six
  80. Seventy-seven
  81. Seventy-eight
  82. Seventy-nine
  83. Eighty
  84. Eighty-one
  85. Eighty-two
  86. Eighty-three
  87. Eighty-four
  88. Eighty-five
  89. Eighty-six
  90. Eighty-seven
  91. Eighty-eight
  92. Eighty-nine
  93. Ninety
  94. Ninety-one
  95. Ninety-two
  96. Ninety-three
  97. Ninety-four
  98. Ninety-five
  99. Ninety-six
  100. Ninety-seven
  101. Book List

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