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Sheffield Charles

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tomorrow and Tomorrow Genre: fantasy
In The Billion Dollar Boy, rich, spoiled, overweight 15-year-old Shelby Cheever is bored, so he convinces his mother to take him on a space cruise. Without proper preparation, and drunk besides, he accesses the node network alone to visit the Kuiper asteroid belt and finds himself hurtled 27 light years out to the Messina Dust Cloud, where he is rescued by a mining family. On the three-month journey home, Shelby must learn how to do for himself in an environment where his wealth and pampered status mean nothing. Another well-written coming-of-age adventure story in the new Jupiter series. For large sf collections. In the hard-science Tomorrow & Tomorrow, Sheffield explores changes in the solar system and the theory of a closed vs. open system wrapped around a tale of a musician s fanatical love for his wife. Drake Merlin has his dying wife Ana and himself cryonically frozen so they can be together once a cure for her disease is found. Several times over 15 billion years he is awakened only to find no cure and, one time, he accidentally causes Ana s death. But if the theory of a closed system is true and the universe shrinks, he and Ana can return to a point when she is alive.

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  1. Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Charles Sheffield
  2. PART ONE Love and Death
  3. Chapter 1 The Edge of Doom
  4. Chapter 2
  5. Chapter 3 Second Chance
  6. Chapter 4 Into the Abyss
  7. Chapter 5 Awakening
  8. Chapter 6 Brave New World
  9. Chapter 7
  10. Chapter 8 Incomplete Superwoman
  11. Chapter 9 Escape to Nowhere
  12. Chapter 10
  13. Chapter 11 The Return of Ana
  14. Chapter 12
  15. Chapter 13
  16. Chapter 14
  17. Chapter 15 Downloading
  18. PART TWO Iliad
  19. Chapter 16
  20. Chapter 17 Star Wars
  21. Chapter 18
  22. Chapter 19 Snark Hunt
  23. Chapter 20
  24. Chapter 21
  25. Chapter 22
  26. Chapter 23
  27. Chapter 24 E pluribus unum
  28. Chapter 25
  29. PART THREE Odyssey
  30. Chapter 26
  31. Chapter 27 Postindustrial
  32. Chapter 28
  33. Chapter 29 Homecoming
  34. Chapter 30 Love and Eternity

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