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Le Guin Ursula

The Left Hand of Darkness

Оценка: 4.8 (50)
Serie: Hainish cycle
Genre: fantasy
Nebula Best Novel winner (1970)Hugo Best Novel winner (1970) The Left Hand of Darkness  explores the themes of sexual identity, incest, xenophobia, fidelity, and betrayal in a tale of an Earth ambassador, Genly Ai, who is sent to the planet of Gethen, whose inhabitants are androgynous. Through his relationship with a native, Estraven, Ai gains understanding both of the consequences of his fixed sexual orientation and of Gethenian life. As in many of her works, Le Guin incorporates a social message in her science fiction tale. Scholes feels that the great power of the book comes from the way it interweaves all its levels and combines all its voices and values into an ordered, balanced, whole. 
Year: 1969 г.

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  1. THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS by Ursula K. Le Guin
  2. Introduction
  3. 1. A Parade in Erhenrang
  4. From the Archives of Hain. Transcript of Ansible Document 01-01101-934-2-Gethen: To the Stabile on Ollul: Report from Genly Ai, First Mobile on Gethen/Winter, Hainish Cycle 93, Ekumenical Year 1490-97
  5. 2. The Place Inside the Blizzard
  6. From a sound-tape collection of North Karhidish "hearth-tales" in the archives of the College of Historians in Erhenrang, narrator unknown, recorded during the reign of Argaven VIII.
  7. 3. The Mad King
  8. 4. The Nineteenth Day
  9. An East Karhidish story, as told in Gorinhering Hearth by Tobord Chorhawa, and recorded by G. A., 93/1492.
  10. 5. The Domestication of Hunch
  11. 6. One Way into Orgoreyn
  12. 7. The Question of Sex
  13. From field notes of Ong Tot Oppong, Investigator, of the first Ekumenical landing party on Gethen/ Winter, Cycle 93 E.Y. 1448.
  14. 8. Another Way into Orgoreyn
  15. 9. Estraven the Traitor
  16. 10. Conversations in Mishnory
  17. 11. Soliloquies in Mishnory
  18. 12. On Time and Darkness
  19. From The Sayings of Tuhulme the High Priest, a book of the Yomesh Canon, composed in North Orgoreyn about 900 years ago.
  20. 13. Down on the Farm
  21. 14. The Escape
  22. 15. To the Ice
  23. 16. Between Drumner and Dremegole
  24. 17. An Orgota Creation Myth
  25. The origins of this myth are prehistorical; it has been recorded in many forms. This very primitive version is from a pre-Yomesh written text found in the Isenpeth Cave Shrine of the Gobrin Hinterland
  26. 18. On the Ice
  27. 19. Homecoming
  28. 20. A Fools Errand
  29. The Gethenian Calendar and Clock
  30. The Year.
  31. The Month.
  32. The Day.
  33. The Hour.

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Smart thnnikig - a clever way of looking at it.

Praveen 22.02.2016 10:02  

i love this book

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