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Dickens Charles

Bleak House

Bleak House Оценка: 5.0 (1)
Genre: prose
Soon after she returns to Bleak House, Esther decides to go to London to see Mr. Guppy. First, she visits Caddy and Prince Turveydrop. Taken aback by Esther's scarred face, Guppy emphatically retracts his former marriage proposal to Esther. Esther obtains from him a promise to 'relinquish all idea of . . . serving me.' She no longer needs Guppy's assistance in helping her learn her real identity, and Guppy's presence could possibly endanger her attempt to be secret about what she has learned from Lady Dedlock.
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  1. Charles Dickens Bleak House
  3. CHAPTER I In Chancery
  4. CHAPTER II In Fashion
  5. CHAPTER III A Progress
  6. CHAPTER IV Telescopic Philanthropy
  7. CHAPTER V A Morning Adventure
  8. CHAPTER VI Quite at Home
  9. CHAPTER VII The Ghosts Walk
  10. CHAPTER VIII Covering a Multitude of Sins
  11. CHAPTER IX Signs and Tokens
  12. CHAPTER X The Law-Writer
  13. CHAPTER XI Our Dear Brother
  14. CHAPTER XII On the Watch
  15. CHAPTER XIII Esthers Narrative
  16. CHAPTER XIV Deportment
  17. CHAPTER XV Bell Yard
  18. CHAPTER XVI Tom-all-Alones
  19. CHAPTER XVII Esthers Narrative
  20. CHAPTER XVIII Lady Dedlock
  21. CHAPTER XIX Moving On
  22. CHAPTER XX A New Lodger
  23. CHAPTER XXI The Smallweed Family
  24. CHAPTER XXII Mr. Bucket
  25. CHAPTER XXIII Esthers Narrative
  26. CHAPTER XXIV An Appeal Case
  27. CHAPTER XXV Mrs. Snagsby Sees It All
  28. CHAPTER XXVI Sharpshooters
  29. CHAPTER XXVII More Old Soldiers Than One
  30. CHAPTER XXVIII The Ironmaster
  31. CHAPTER XXIX The Young Man
  32. CHAPTER XXX Esthers Narrative
  33. CHAPTER XXXI Nurse and Patient
  34. CHAPTER XXXII The Appointed Time
  35. CHAPTER XXXIII Interlopers
  36. CHAPTER XXXIV A Turn of the Screw
  37. CHAPTER XXXV Esthers Narrative
  38. CHAPTER XXXVI Chesney Wold
  39. CHAPTER XXXVII Jarndyce and Jarndyce
  40. CHAPTER XXXVIII A Struggle
  41. CHAPTER XXXIX Attorney and Client
  42. CHAPTER XL National and Domestic
  43. CHAPTER XLI In Mr. Tulkinghorns Room
  44. CHAPTER XLII In Mr. Tulkinghorns Chambers
  45. CHAPTER XLIII Esthers Narrative
  46. CHAPTER XLIV The Letter and the Answer
  47. CHAPTER XLV In Trust
  48. CHAPTER XLVI Stop Him!
  49. CHAPTER XLVII Jos Will
  50. CHAPTER XLVIII Closing in
  51. CHAPTER XLIX Dutiful Friendship
  52. CHAPTER L Esthers Narrative
  53. CHAPTER LI Enlightened
  54. CHAPTER LII Obstinacy
  55. CHAPTER LIII The Track
  56. CHAPTER LIV Springing a Mine
  57. CHAPTER LV Flight
  58. CHAPTER LVI Pursuit
  59. CHAPTER LVII Esthers Narrative
  60. CHAPTER LVIII A Wintry Day and Night
  61. CHAPTER LIX Esthers Narrative
  62. CHAPTER LX Perspective
  63. CHAPTER LXI A Discovery
  64. CHAPTER LXII Another Discovery
  65. CHAPTER LXIII Steel and Iron
  66. CHAPTER LXIV Esthers Narrative
  67. CHAPTER LXV Beginning the World
  68. CHAPTER LXVI Down in Lincolnshire
  69. CHAPTER LXVII The Close of Esthers Narrative
  70. Примечания

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