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Golding William

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Оценка: 4.9 (131)
Genre: prose
The classic tale of a group of English school boys who are left stranded on an unpopulated island, and who must confront not only the defects of their society but the defects of their own natures.
Year: 1954 г.

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  2. CHAPTER ONE The Sound of the Shell
  3. CHAPTER TWO Fire on the Mountain
  4. CHAPTER THREE Huts on the Beach
  5. CHAPTER FOUR Painted Faces and Long Hair
  6. CHAPTER FIVE Beast from Water
  7. CHAPTER SIX Beast from Air
  8. CHAPTER SEVEN Shadows and Tall Trees
  9. CHAPTER EIGHT Gift for the Darkness
  10. CHAPTER NINE A View to a Death
  11. CHAPTER TEN The Shell and the Glasses
  12. CHAPTER ELEVEN Castle Rock
  13. CHAPTER TWELVE Cry of the Hunters
  14. Notes on Lord of the Flies
  15. -E. L. Epstein

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