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Hammett Dashiell

The Dain Curse

The Dain Curse Annotation:

One of the Continental Op's most bizarre cases as he is faced with Miss Gabrielle Dain Leggett who has an unfortunate effect on the people around her: they die violently.


The Continental Op is a short, squat, and utterly unsentimental tank of a private detective. Miss Gabrielle Dain Leggett is young, wealthy, and a devotee of morphine and religious cults. She has an unfortunate effect on the people around her: they have a habit of dying violently. Is Gabrielle the victim of a family curse? Or is the truth about her weirder and infinitely more dangerous? The Dain Curse is one of the Continental Op's most bizarre cases, and a tautly crafted masterpiece of suspense.
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  1. Dashiell Hammett The Dain Curse
  2. Part One: The Dains
  3. I.Eight Diamonds
  4. II.Long-nose
  5. III.Something Black
  6. IV.The Vague Harpers
  7. V.Gabrielle
  8. VI.The Man from Devils Island
  9. VII.The Curse
  10. VIII.But and If
  11. Part Two: The Temple
  12. IX.Tads Blind Man
  13. X.Dead Flowers
  14. XI.God
  15. XII.The Unholy Grail
  16. Part Three: Quesada  
  17. XIII.The Cliff Road
  18. XIV.The Crumpled Chrysler
  19. XV.Ive Killed Him
  20. XVI.The Night Hunt
  21. XVII.Below Dull Point
  22. XVIII.The Pineapple
  23. XIX.The Degenerate
  24. XX.The House in the Cove
  25. XXI.Aaronia Haldorn
  26. XXII.Confessional
  27. XXIII.The Circus

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